To honor the memory of Bruce B. Blackburn III...
a collection of stories for and about the people who touched his heart

About The Author

Bruce B. Blackburn III was a writer and editor––a romantic soul who lived life on a more emotionally enriching plane and his link between the written word and love is undeniable.

An interview with Bruce Blackburn was like talking to your best friend. This insightful, brilliant man got you to reveal your soul and then when you read what he wrote, you realized he captured your essence in a comfortable way that connected you to him forever. Bruce Blackburn was a very proud father of Miriam S. Blackburn and lived in Doylestown, PA with his wife Marie Francesca Izzo, better known as his “M&M’s.”

Memories about Bruce Blackburn

Lilly Salvatore, Owner of Lilly’s on the Canal, Lambertville, NJ and Lilly’s Gourmet and Café America in Doylestown, PA
“Recipe for a unforgettable man: Equal parts inspiration, dignity, sincerity, talent and integrity. Yields: One memorable writer Bruce Blackburn.”

John Franklin aka Johnny Dock
“Time seems to become liquid when I think of Bruce and that he’s no longer with us. He had a way of making me feel like time was solid, everlasting, inspired and interesting. A man of passion and vision, full of grace, always ready to listen. I miss him!”

Merle Citron, Artist
“In his soft, open way, Bruce Blackburn arrived to interview me and left four hours later carrying with him reams of notes and the beginning of a personal relationship with Bruce and Marie. His love of people and language enabled Bruce to create written portraits of those lucky enough to have been interviewed by him, and in return, I could do nothing more than fall in love with his gentle soul.”

Michael Graves, Architect, Professor at Princeton University
“The day that Bruce Blackburn visited me for an interview, we were in the midst of an open house in our design studios in Princeton and he quite naturally joined in the camaraderie of the moment. Reading his essay again, I have to say that he gracefully captured the positive spirit of the place and my feelings about it, which I, as an architect, truly value as the sign of a good listener and a good writer.“

Laura T. Barnes, Author
“Bruce had a tremendous passion for life and the people he cared about. His passion showed through his entire being. He truly understood the importance of living each day to the fullest. Bruce touched all who met him. He is still with us - through his words which demonstrate how keenly he focused in on those he met. His special gift will live on.”

David Leopold, noted lecturer, author, curator
"Bruce was like Irving Berlin in that he understood the vernacular of his audience, and fortunately for me, his subject as well. He not only asked good questions, but listened too. Bruce's pieces were like having a great friend who met interesting people and shared those stories with us."

Miriam S. Blackburn, Bruce’s Daughter
"I feel that my life has been blessed by many people, however, there has been one man in my life who has truly made me who I am. He has given me the strength to overcome my challenges and accomplish my goals. There really are no words to describe this person’s amazing ability to communicate with me in every aspect of my life. His incredible insights and wisdom will live forever in my mind and his undying love and compassion will live forever in my heart. I love you and miss you always, Daddy~Your Sweet Baboo."

Herman Silverman, Entrepreneur, Author
“Bruce Blackburn was one of the world’s greatest writers. He had a unique talent for capturing the true essence of whatever he wrote about.”